Story of Alterra

Embellished with skyscrapers soaring straight into the clouded sky, the planet of Alterra rests pridefully. When the sun settles down, different shades of pink ricochet against the frosted glass. The planet gratifies itself for its expansive flora and fauna. Animals, machinery and humans coexist within the realm of Alterra, a form of unity which is seen as almost idealistic. Even still, Alterra is able to achieve an equilibrium between nature and industrialisation. Although factories are scattered along the roads of Alterra, sanctuaries are fixed in as a means for preservation for wildlife. Alterra’s efficiency is exhibited through its multitude of complex gears and gadgetry. The echoes of chatter are overshadowed by the whirring of hovercrafts. Alterra is a planet that thrives from their self-sustainability. No one truly knows who the geniuses behind the fruition of Alterra are, but the founding members of the planet found a way to recycle a once non-renewable energy source into innumerable years of succession and progression.

Despite Alterra’s fortunate history, the planet suffers from a myriad of issues. The black-market located in the crevices of the outer regions of Alterra are littered with unlicensed Alterations. Diseases pollute the streets, civilians hacking their lungs out as they inhale the sweet spoilage of the Dark Rot. There is a concerning divide between the Aristocrats and the peasants. The only common tie between the two social classes are Alterations. In spite of Alterra’s prosperous feats, the intrinsic nature of human greed has surpassed the moral compass that would once anchor the inhabitants of Alterra. Alterra is a city decorated in shades of lustrousness, though its outer exterior is besmirched by the harsh realities of the threat of the Jötnar, as well as the greed of all entities.

Interested in discovering the intricacies of our tight-knit universe? Be sure to check in later, as we will be adding more lore pieces on the world of Alterra.