Alteration is pioneering advanced AI in the gaming industry.

Dynamic NPCs

NPCs in Alteration can detect and remember changes in their environment caused by the player or other NPCs. This lets them remember and speak freely without the traditional restrictions of pre-programmed dialogue.

AI Powered Character Development

NPCs remember past interactions with the player and the player's actions towards other NPCs and the world. This influences the NPC's behaviour towards the player. Every NPC conversation is unique to each playthrough, meaning you shape your story through how you act.

AI Powered Worldbuilding

A large amount of Alteration's lore, items and quests are generated purely by AI! This means that you can stumble upon a purely AI generated quest from any NPC through your adventure. It also means that that the Alteration team can roll out new updates and features faster than others in the industry with the help of AI.

AI Item Generation

The AI in Alteration is powerful enough to create Items that are incorporated into the world's lore that can be acquired ingame and sold on the marketplace.

The Emotion Engine

Alteration's AI identifies the emotion in every sentence and lets the AI simulate emotions and even show empathy that truly makes them feel sentient.

Every NPC Is Powered On AI

Every single NPC in the world of Alteration runs off sophisticated AI, this means that you may find characters conversing publicly without player intervention that immerses the player even deeper into the living, breathing world of Alterra.