Loki runs off of next-generation AI, including an Emotion engine that brings Loki close to any sentient being out there! Virtual shapeshifting is his favourite pastime!
The Mercenary is a quiet individual. What? Were you hoping for more? Quiet people are mysteries!
This message is brought to you by Huginn and Muninn. Croak.
Did you know that Njord can take showers wherever he wants? Fighting against the Aesir? No problem, rinse the blood off and get back in the action!
This godforsaken website isn’t working again. THOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRR!
What happens when the Thunder God finishes an intense workout? He gets Thor!
Your plunder in Alterra can reward you in the real world!
In need to contact us? Be sure to check the footer of our website! Whether it’s Huginn or Muninn delivering your message, it will be dealt with! Croak.
Ever wonder what the adult version of bumper cars are? Hovercrafts! Then again, calling us adults is a bit far fetched...
Under no circumstance shall you ever need my ravens to run a faster website! – A gentle voice.
Snow is a particular pleasant sight except when in Alterra. Planned on making snow angels and having snowball fights? Disappointing.
Which of the Norse Gods suffered most from hair loss? Here’s a clue. They called him the ‘shining god’. (Answer is Baldr)
What does a Norse God do when they do not want to attract any attention? They stay low-key.
Legend Has It that a contorted creature lurks in a page not found.
Loki is either a befitting partner with a myriad of tips at his disposal, or a futile trickster ready to play you like a fiddle!
The next time you invest in NFT’s, have the humility to admit Odin is several steps ahead of you!
Yeah, that’s it. That was us breaking the fourth wall.
Ever get sick and tired of reading these prompts? With the help of artificial intelligence, anything is possible! We will continue to create these prompts at the expense of your sanity! <3


the AI